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Joint World Bank-CESD Study on Labour mobility across Myanmar begins

During February, the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) collaborated on research with the World Bank during field visits in Yangon and Ayeyarwaddy in Myanmar. The field visits collected inputs for the World Bank’s ongoing Migration and Labour Mobility research. The research aims to promote jobs and facilitate labour mobility in Myanmar by deepening the policy dialogue, with a particular focus on labour mobility as a source of employment and productivity growth within the ASEAN region.


Contributing partner for the Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal (GPIG)

CESD is a contributing partner to the The Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth (GPIG) Portal, established as a means of sharing poverty reduction knowledge and best practice in the region and around the world. As part of CESD’s role in sharing knowledge and expertise in the region, CESD was confirmed as moderator for the “Gender and poverty” category page, and Myanmar country page of the GPIG portal in July 2016.


Report: Post-disaster needs assessment of floods and landslides

CESD contributed and supported the research and consultation that led to the development of the report: Myanmar – Post-disaster needs assessment of floods and landslides, July – September 2015. Dr Zaw Oo, CESD Executive Director, also played a significant role as Special Coordinator for Recovery Planning.


Community planning, local governance, and decentralization workshop

CESD co-hosted a workshop, “Change on the ground: Community planning, local governance, and decentralization” with the World Bank and the Department of Rural Development on 20 January 2016.


Assessment of extractive industries (oil and gas, mining and hydropower)

In May 2015, the Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative released its report, “Institutional and regulatory assessment of the extractive industries in Myanmar”, providing a baseline assessment of the oil and gas, mining (including jade and gemstones) and the hydro-power sectors in Myanmar.


Presentation: The implications for companies from EITI implementation

Oil, gas and mining companies are at the core of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, with obligations to report their payments to government on an annual basis, and to support and govern the EITI process. This presentation explains the role of companies in EITI, the implications and benefits.