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Research report: Towards a rural development strategy for Mon State

Data analysis from CESD’s Mon State Rural Household Survey (2015) is presented in a research report (July 2016) that identifies options for more balanced growth in Mon State, “leading to a vibrant economy in which returning migrants can invest and find employment.” The research report, prepared by CESD, in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Michigan State University (MSU), provides a set of initial recommendations for the establishment of a rural development strategy for Mon State. The recommendations are in two broad areas: (1) stimulating growth in agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources, and (2) providing public infrastructure and services that strengthen the enabling environment.


Paper: Food and nutrition security

This paper brings together available data and information on poverty, nutrition, and vulnerability to food insecurity to identify key vulnerable populations across Myanmar. It also outlines options to improve the food security of the most vulnerable households.

The paper is based on a rapid assessment conducted during a three-week field visit in late 2012 and desk research.