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Ongoing discussions on reform of state and region governments

The initial research paper on state and region governments, prepared by CESD and The Asia Foundation (TAF) and released in September 2013, continues to support discussions on the operations of state and region governments, and the challenges and opportunities they face. The state and region governments were established under the 2008 Constitution and experienced significant changes to their composition following the 2015 elections.


The role of public financial management in social accountability and legitimate governance

A discussion paper by Oxfam on public financial management in Myanmar looks at the challenges and opportunities for public financial management reform, and the role that development actors can play in promoting inclusive reform. The discussion paper also looks at the role of public financial management in deepening social accountability, and in promoting legitimate governance. CESD’s research in public financial management, undertaken jointly with The Asia Foundation, is referenced in Oxfam’s paper.


Publication: Development Affairs Organizations

The Asia Foundation and CESD report on Development Affairs Organizations (DAOs) looks at how DAOs are structured and how they operate, outlining their history, functions, key business processes (at the state, region and township levels), and how they have been redefined in recent years.


Paper: Administering the State in Myanmar (overview of GAD)

The General Administration Department (GAD) of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) plays a wide range of roles, ranging from tax collection, to land management, and various registration and certification processes. The GAD also supports coordination and communication among the Union of Myanmar’s 36 government ministries, and connects the capital of Nay Pyi Taw to approximately 3,133 urban wards and 13,620 village tracts (representing 63,938 villages across Myanmar).


Paper: State and region governments (Exec summary & papers)

CESD and The Asia Foundation’s “State and Region Governments in Myanmar” paper describes the government structures created  under Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution, and the relationship of these governance bodies with broader governance, peace and decentralization processes.


Press release: report finds decentralization a major challenge for Myanmar’s on-going reforms

A new study by The Asia Foundation and the Centre for Economic and Social Development of the Myanmar Development Resource Institute was released today which analyzes the state and region governments created under the 2008 Constitution, and their relationship with broader governance, peace and decentralization processes.