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ADB Asian Think Tank Development Forum


CESD is proud to co-organize and host the 2019 ADB Think Tank Development Forum.

As a member of the ADB-Asian Thinktank Network, the Centre for Economic and Social Development is determined to promote evidence-based policymaking in support of the government and private sector partners to succeed in national export strategies and Global Value Chain participation.

Follow the link below to see the full agenda an slides used during the presentations.

ADB Asia Think Tank Development Forum agenda and presentations


Contributing partner for the Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal (GPIG)

CESD is a contributing partner to the The Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth (GPIG) Portal, established as a means of sharing poverty reduction knowledge and best practice in the region and around the world. As part of CESD’s role in sharing knowledge and expertise in the region, CESD was confirmed as moderator for the “Gender and poverty” category page, and Myanmar country page of the GPIG portal in July 2016.


Paper: Fiscal management in Myanmar

The Government of Myanmar’s fiscal management objectives, outlined in the Framework for Economic and Social Reforms (2013), include plans for an increasing proportion of government spending on health and education, and a decline in spending on the military. The government has also recognized the need to reduce reliance on resource revenues and to prioritize tax policy and tax administration reform.


Surveying business executives to understand competitiveness

As part of a global survey to better understand economic competitiveness, MDRI-CESD surveyed 86 business executives in Myanmar, asking a series of questions relating to the environment in which they operate.


Contribution of fiscal policy research and analysis to ADB’s country diagnostic study

The Asia Development Bank’s diagnostic report for Myanmar, “Myanmar: unlocking the potential” (August 2014), looks at the policy challenges Myanmar faces on the path to social and economic development. Policy challenges include the need to strengthen market institutions, enhance governance and institutional capacity, improve infrastructure, develop human capital, and promote regional integration.


Strategic reform for comprehensive and inclusive development

CESD’s progress report, “Strategic reform for comprehensive and inclusive development in Myanmar”, reviews the organisation’s activities and achievements from April 2012 – June 2013.