CESD’s inclusive development work explores development strategies aimed at delivering tangible outcomes for rural communities in Myanmar.

With a focus on identifying and strengthening poverty reduction policies, this theme explores the dynamics of rural economic development and domestic labor markets and wages.

Areas of research include agricultural development and value chains, social protection, rural finance, migration/remittances, living wage, land issues, and micro-finance. The research aims to improve economic integration of local markets as well as increase access to markets and financing for rural communities.

Labour market reform 

CESD is collecting and analysing labour market data on employment, underemployment and labour mobility, notably in the garment making and agri-business (fisheries) industries, to support the development of labour market policies. The garment-making and agri-business industries face a number of labour market challenges, including upwards wage pressures, labour and skills shortages, high levels of staff turnover, industrial unrest, and high levels of labour movement across states and regions in Myanmar, and across international borders.

To identify and address labour market issues, CESD is partnering with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on a three year program of work aimed at labour market reform in Myanmar.

Further information is available via Programs > Inclusive development > Labour market reform project.

Food security 

Recent CESD research projects have also focused on a review of Myanmar’s agribusiness models, aiming to enhance inclusive growth, particularly for small and medium-scale farmers. This has included a review of four industrial crops, food staples, and the livestock sector. In addition, CESD conducted a study focused on food security issues including rice productivity improvement, nutrition security, and agricultural value chains and agricultural education. Studies have been conducted in collaboration with Michigan State University, CESD’s main research partner on agriculture and rural development in Myanmar.

Further information is available via Programs > Inclusive development > Food security policy and rural development program.