Proper uptake and understanding of research are a cornerstone of evidence-based policy making. It is with this understanding that CESD continuously provides capacity building for individuals, government institutions and various stakeholders. We work closely with government departments and ministries to provide on-demand capacity building for their staff to help them analyse data, better understand research products and put policy proposals into action. Leveraging on the technical expertise of our researchers, our team has delivered training to different institutions at both the Union and state and regional level.

CESD strives to use our research to provide policy recommendations that address some of the key issues faced by underprivileged and marginalized communities in Myanmar. In line with our value of equality and inclusivity, we provide advocacy for all stakeholders involved in the reform process ensuring that all involved are aware of their individual rights and responsibilities. Through well-established channels with key ministries, we continue to champion important issues and ensure uptake of our research. Since 2013, CESD has been heavily involved in the enactment of Minimum Wage Law, and continues to work closely with the relevant ministries and key stakeholders to collect comprehensive data to inform the biennial review of the minimum wage rate. Our research has informed policy makers on issues affecting garment workers in Yangon, jade miners in Kachin State, women across the country, internal migrant workers in Yangon, and migrant workers working outside of Myanmar.

As an organization that strongly believes in the development of its employees, CESD also focuses on capacity building within our organization by providing in-house training to our researchers and staff members. We invite facilitators from local and international institutions, including The Australian National University and University of Copenhagen, to share their expertise and build up the skills of our team members.

To promote interest in socioeconomic research in the nascent research landscape of Myanmar, CESD has been extensively involved in the organization of several key events to create a platform for sharing of knowledge and new ideas for the development of Myanmar. In 2019, together with the Asian Development Bank, CESD hosted the ADB-Asian Think Tank Development Forum in Yangon.

In addition to promoting interest in research, CESD aims to be an incubator for future leaders of Myanmar through our rigorous internship program. Recent graduates and youth who are accepted to intern at CESD are provided challenges that will allow them to hone their skills and be the future leaders in the socioeconomic development of Myanmar.