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10 April 2018
Fishery exports break 20-year record, could double within two years

5 February 2018
The Myanmar Times, Government commits to long term Aquaculture Development


17 November 2017
New aquaculture economy emerged on rising fish demand

2 August 2017
Israeli agriculture experts bring “sustainable experience” to Myanmar


10 August 2016
Mon State Hluttaw website, Regional development workshop in Mon State (Myanmar language)

10 August 2016
The Asia Foundation, New online portal provides greater budget transparency in Myanmar

22 July 2016
Frontier Myanmar, Regional parliaments rising to the challenge

14 July 2016
The Myanmar Times, Fourth telco talks hit sticking points

23 June 2016
Nikkei Asian Review, Circular migration, a possible Thai-Myanmar compact?, an article by Dr Zaw Oo, CESD Executive Director

12 May 2016
Devex, What to know about Myanmar’s first EITI report

11 May 2016
Business Standard, A tiger cub in the neighbourhood?

6 April 2016
Myanmar Times, The formidable challenge of financial reform

16 March 2016
Myanmar Business Today, The new government’s natural resources quandary and EITI’s role

26 February 2016
MITV, Minimum wage: impacts 6 months on

22 February 2016
The Irrawaddy, Burma’s first EITI report attracts mixed reviews (via the BurmaNet News website)

21 February 2016
RFA Burmese,  Training on state and region administrative structure and public financial management for parliamentarians (Myanmar language, audio, 4:42 minutes)

18 February 2016
The Daily Voice, Workshop on Public Financial Management (Myanmar Language, 1 page PDF 655.59 Kb)

17 February 2016
Myanmar Times, Academics hope to enter into the fold

12 February 2016
Nikkei Asian Review, Myanmar sheds some light on murky extractive industries

11 February 2016
The Irrawaddy, Burma’s first EITI report attracts mixed reviews

9 February 2016
Myanmar Business Today, 2017 EITI report aims for full membership

8 February 2016
Fish Farming International, Myanmar: An industry in transition

8 February 2016, Myanmar: Aquaculture’s next big frontier? (or download the PDF here – English language, 2 pages, 121 Kb)

4 February 2016
Frontier, Myanmar submits landmark extractive industries report

4 February 2016
Myanmar Times, Revealed: Names of seven foreign applicants for fourth telecoms licence (and on Consult Myanmar)

1 February 2016
Global New Light of Myanmar, Fish farming: driving rural development and incomes (or download the PDF here – English language; 1 page; 378 Kb)

January 2016
Asia Research News 2016, Getting it right on labour reforms in Burma (published on

23 January 2016
The Irrawaddy, Business Roundup, South Korean-backed ‘national think tank’ launched

22 January 2016
The Myanmar Times, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) shines light on the resource sector

21 January 2016
Extractive Industries Transparency Inititiative (EITI) website, Myanmar lifts the veil on state-owned companies

21 January 2016
Eleven, Activists threaten to expose mining bribery

20 January 2016
Voice of America (VOA), Launch of EITI report (Myanmar language)

19 January 2016
Global New Light of Myanmar, Myanmar Development Institute (MDI) officially launched

2 January 2016
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) website blog, Jumping in the deep end


15 December 2015
Voice of America, Myanmar government’s budget (Myanmar language)

8 December 2015
Myanmar Times, Myanmar to submit EITI report next month

8 December 2015
Voice of America (VOA), EITI reporting (Myanmar language)

8 December 2015
7 Day Daily, EITI reporting (Myanmar language)

7 December 2015
Global New Light of Myanmar, Myanmar collects nearly US$2.5 billion in tax revenue from oil and gas sector

7 December 2015
The Irrawaddy, First EITI report on extractive industries’ revenues due this month

4 December 2015
Jeff Bloem Blog, Aquaculture and food security in rural Myanmar

23 November 2015
Bangkok Post, Myanmar’s new era

20 November 2015
The New Global Light of Myanmar, MEITI report to cover entire oil and gas sector (or English language, PDF, 434Kb, 1 page)

19 November 2015
Observer Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi returns to Myanmar parliament (English language, PDF, 72Kb, 2 pages)

17 November 2015
Myanmar Times, Spectrum hopes for the best with Myanmar’s first EITI report

17 November 2015
Myanmar Business Today, EITI report deadline set on December 30

16 November 2015
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, What will an NLD government in Myanmar mean for business?

3 November 2015
VOA (Voice of America) Burmese, Flood recovery phase 2,  (audio; Myanmar language; 7min 15sec)

8 October 2015
Daily Eleven, Report on the launch of MDRI-CESD’s paper, “State and region public finances in Myanmar” (PDF; Myanmar language; 582 Kb, 1 page)

30 September 2015
Myanmar Times, USDP: We brought democracy to Myanmar

23 September 2015
Myanmar Times, Minimum wage debate still unresolved

18 September 2015
The Myanmar Times, Can Myanmar’s minimum wage avoid pitfalls of Bangladesh’s garment industry?

11 September 2015
Nikkei Asian Review, Myanmar businesses mull cost of new minimum wage

10 September 2015
The Nation, Myanmar govt seeks private sector cooperation (sourced from Myanmar Eleven)

4 September 2015
The Myanmar Times, Funding shortfalls hinder new development bodies

2015 (no date)
IDRC Insight | Employment and growth. Better jobs for Asia

24 August 2015
Myanmar Times, Turmoil at the top prompts business uncertainty

24 August 2015
Myanmar Times, Ministry of Energy claims data given for transparency report

17 July 2015
The Mirror Daily, Administrative Reform Coordination Committee (ARCC) meeting, (Myanmar language; PDF; 1 page; 227 Kb)

16 July 2015
Economics that really matters, “Measuring hope: Lessons from rural Myanmar”

8 July 2015
Myanmar International TV, “Public sector reform: Asia Foundation launches report”

23 June 2015
The Myanmar Times, “Minimum wage to be set this month: labour minister”

5 June 2015
The New York Times, “Profits of drug trade drive economic boom in Myanmar”
Reprinted in Bangkok Post, “Profits of drug trade help fuel Myanmar’s boom”, 6 June 2015

27 May 2015
Just Jobs Network Blog, “Video series: Six Asian leaders on the future of factory Asia”

21 May 2015
Myanmar Times, “Infrastructure development comes with foreign support: U Zaw Oo”

24 April 2015
The Myanmar Times, Delayed regional rollout of EITI expected in May: activist

9 April 2015
Consult Myanmar, “Two years after the government passed a law to set a minimum wage, it still has not come into existence”

6 April 2015
Myanmar Times, “Minimum wage debate still unresolved”

28 March 2015
IDRC website, Highlight: New research in Burma will tackle labour regulations

28 March 2015
Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), “Launch of labour research program” (via YouTube)

28 March 2015
Democracy Today, “Reforming the labour market in Myanmar” (Myanmar language, link to PDF, 348Kb)

12 March 2015
Myanmar Times, “New permanent secretaries to lead civil service reform push”

17 February 2015
Australian National University Crawford School of Public Policy, “Myanmar plans next wave of reforms”

2 February 2015
East Asia Forum, “Laying the foundations for development in Myanmar”
Also available via The Establishment Post website.

2 February 2015
Economy Watch, “Myanmar’s private sector can be a fundamental growth engine”

30 January 2015
The Irrawaddy, “Govt proposes 20% budget rise boosting education, defense and health”

January 2015
January 2015
ADB–Asian Think Tanks Network e-Newsletter, The ADB–Asian Think Tank Development Forum 2014: Highlights (Inclusive Growth and Social Protection)


1 December 2014
Myanmar Times, Factoring inflation into minimum wage proves to be difficult

20 November 2014
UNICEF website, “Making public finance work for children”

18 November 2014
Myanmar EITI, Conference on natural resource governance in Myanmar

16 November 2014
The Myanmar Times, EITI brings risk, influence for Myanmar civil society

11 November 2014
Myanmar Times, “U Myint to lead overhaul of statistical indicators”

29 October 2014
The Asia Foundation, “Discussion series examines Myanmar’s path to decentralization”

23 October 2014
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) website, The EITI meets in Myanmar

3 October 2014
Forbes, EITI’s silent revolution

1 September 2014
Myanmar Business Today, “Myanmar Business News in Brief”

11 August 2014
The Pie News, Burma: first gov scholarships in 50 years announced

7 August 2014
Independent Mon News Agency, Regional development data gathered and analyzed in Thanbyuzayat Township

4 August 2014
The Myanmar Times, Government unveils foreign scholarship programThe Myanmar Times, Government unveils foreign scholarship program

29 July 2014
Myanmar Times, Of men, for men, by men?

16 July 2014
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) website, Myanmar – joining the path to resource transparency

10 July 2014
Press – 10 Jul 2014 – Earth Journal (PDF, 2 pages, 3.66Mb)

10 July 2014
The Irrawaddy, Burma must follow a global standard and match it with political will

7 July 2014
Myanmar Times, Resource transparency group accepts Myanmar as candidate

3 July 2014
The Irrawaddy, Burma accepted for EITI scheme, but NGOs remain concerned (link to article reprinted on

2 July 2014, Myanmar admitted as EITI candidate

23 June 2014
Myanmar Times, “Pressing questions with Daw Nyo Nyo Thin”

22 June 2014
Eleven, “IRD expects KS 329 bn revenue from oil and gas sector”

19 June 2014
Myanmar Times, “Calls for quota to get women into positions of authority”

18 June 2014
Myanmar Times, “Natural resource revenue sharing: Are stakeholders negotiating blind?”

18 June 2014
The Irrawaddy, “Think tank calls for quota to boost women’s role in Burmese politics”

18 June 2014
Eleven, “Myanmar ranks 41 in natural gas reserves”

17 June 2014
International Growth Centre, “Report Launch For ‘Natural resources and subnational governments in Myanmar: key considerations for wealth sharing’”

11 June 2014
RFA Myanmar, Interview with U Aung Thu Nyein, Senior Research Fellow (link to YouTube)

17 May 2014
The Irrawaddy (Business Roundup), “UK provides cash to improve Burma’s economy ‘for all its people'”
Also available via Myanmar Business Development Consulting (MyanmarBDC)

26 April 2014
Mizzima, Myanmar moves step closer towards EITI membership (link to version on

6 March 2014
Nikkei Asian Review, “Why SMEs [small and medium sized enterprises] matter to Myanmar”

2 March 2014
Myanmar Times, “Business worry red tape will remain an obstacle despite reforms”
Also available via the Consult Myanmar website.

26 February 2014
Consult Myanmar, “Government to reduce restrictions on business sector by March”
Also available on Confex Hub

25 February 2014
Eleven, “Government to reduce restrictions on business sector by March”
Also available via the European Union Myanmar Centre

18 February 2014
The Irrawaddy, “Little power for local school officials in Burma: report”

14 February 2014
East Asia Forum, “Myanmar must step on the gas for reform”

13 February 2014
Eleven, “Myanmar conducting survey to set minimum wage”

2 February 2014
Myanmar Times, “Can a minimum wage law work?”

8 January 2014
Asia Times, “Fiscal cloud taxes Myanmar optimism”


23 November 2013
Independent Mon News Agency, “Mon rights groups urge Burma to join EITI”

18 November 2013
LIFT (Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund), “Driving forward the rural development agenda in Myanmar”

4 November 2013
President’s Office (Myanmar) Website, “SMEs development could enable the country to achieve all inclusive economic growth pattern”

28 October 2013
Voice of America, “Q&A with Burma Economic Adviser Zaw Oo” (14m 40 sec online interview)

17 October 2013
“Centralization or Decentralization: Advantages of Decentralization?” (PDF, Myanmar language, 375kb)
By Daw Kyi Pyar Chit Saw, CESD Research Associate

14 October 2013
Myanmar Informations, Baseline data for minimum wage to be collected from garment industry

25 September 2013
Asia Society, “Responsible investment in Myanmar’s future (upcoming events)”

25 September 2013
President’s Office (Myanmar) Website, “Governance forum focuses role of civil service”

12 September 2013
Mizzima News, “De-centralization a major challenge to reforms”

7 September 2013
Eleven, “International investors taking wait-and-see on Dawai special economic zone”

21 August 2013
Myanmar Information, “Myanmar’s proposed rice subsidy criticized for potentially damaging farmers and undermining economic development”

16 August 2013
cogitASIA (CSIS (Centre for Strategic and International Studies) Asia Program blog) “The Leaderboard: Zaw Oo”

7 August 2013
The Myanmar Times, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

7 August 2013
International Business Times, “Myanmar’s proposed rice subsidy criticized for potentially damaging farmers and undermining economic development”

4 August 2013
Myanmar Times, “Move to aid farmers may devastate sector”
Myanmar Times, “Move to aid farmers may devastate sector” (in depth)

24 June 2013
Eleven, “35% of rural people in Myanmar depend on loans to find food: research”

21 June 2013
The Times of India, “From dissident to contributor: new think tanks help Myanmar’s transition to democracy”

21 April 2013
East Asia Forum, “Myanmar’s economic prospects and its real potential”

17 April 2013
East Asia Forum, “Myanmar: a normal developing country”

11 March 2013
Financial Times (Beyond Brics blog), “Myanmar: cutting red tape – the Public Services Performance Appraisal Task Force”


23 May 2012
The Irrawaddy, “Education is key to Burmese reforms”

22 May 2012
Inside Higher Ed, “Open letter on restoring the U. of Yangon to its former glory”

15 Februay 2012
Mizzima, Exiled think tank returns to Burma


29 August 2011
Mizzima, “The scourge of corruption, and necessary remedies”

28 August 2011
Voice of Golden Land, “MDRI – Myanmar Development Resource Institute”

24 May 2011
Mizzima News, “Reducing poverty in Myanmar – the way forward”

4 May 2011
Mizzima, “Economist U Myint on serving as a presidential adviser”

27 April 2011
The Irrawaddy, “Thein Sein appoints presidential advisors”


February 2010
The Irrawaddy, “A game of cat and mouse”