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CESD Labour Newsletter – Issue 1

The CESD has been very active at the thematic area for labour market reforms and has participated in several workshops, trainings and event over the last quarter (July – September 2017). Please find a short summary of the key activities on the CESD Labour Newsletter – Issue 1!

CESD Labour Newsletter_Issue 1

CESD Participates in Mekong Forum 2017: New Geo-Economics: Reshaping the Future of the GMS?

On 14 July, Dr. Zaw Oo, Executive Director, CESD and Min Zar Ni Lin, Senior Technical and Policy Analyst, CESD spoke at the Mekong Forum 2017, an annual gathering of opinion leaders, international organizations and scholars that work towards shaping the development agenda in the Greater Mekong Subregion.


CESD Hosts Myanmar Aquaculture-Agriculture Survey: Results Dissemination Workshop

The Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) in Myanmar, Michigan State University, and International Food Policy Research Institute hosted a half-day seminar to present findings from the Myanmar Aquaculture-Agriculture Survey (MAAS) in Mindon room at Sedona Hotel in Yangon on June 30th, 2017.


CESD Participates in the Union Peace Conference

CESD participated in the second meeting of the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference held in Nap Pyi Taw between 24th and 29th May 2017. CESD was represented by three senior staff members, U Tin Htut Oo, Chief of the Board of Directors, Senior Research Fellow Win Min and Senior Policy Analyst Min Zarni Lin.


Lowering Barriers to Finance is Key to Ensure Sustainable Agricultural Growth in Myanmar

In the past three years, Myanmar’s banking and finance sector has witnessed rapid growth, primarily aided by foreign direct investment inflows and economic liberalisation. Despite this growth, however, millions of farmers lack access to finance due to the absence of financial institutions and barriers to affordable lending in rural areas.


CESD’s Latest Report on Myanmar Labour Issues from the Perspective of Enterprises

Titled “Myanmar Labour Issues from the Perspective of Enterprises: Findings from a CESD survey among food processing and garment manufacturing businesses”, CESD’s latest report intends to help bridge the information gap in Myanmar’s labour market, based on an extensive survey of garment manufacturing and food processing sectors.


CESD-MSU Survey Quantitatively Measures Hopes of Rural Residents in Mon State through Three Essential Elements – Aspirations, Agency and Pathways

Attempting to quantitatively measure the hopes of rural residents in Myanmar’s Mon State, the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) and Michigan State University (MSU) executed a household survey in the region in March 2016.


Half a year into Myanmar’s minimum wage – looking back, forging ahead

The minimum wage, defined to be 3,600 Kyat for an 8-hour working day, has been in effect for six months.  At the occasion of this half-anniversary, the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) Myanmar and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada organised a round-table event, bringing together key stakeholders to reflect on the establishment of Myanmar’s minimum wage, and discuss next steps.


Promoting dialogue on effective public financial management

Based on an agreement with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to further improve implementation of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects in various states and regions of Myanmar, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has sponsored a study on Public Financial Management (PFM) between union and subnational governments in Myanmar.


A quiet revolution in the fish-farming industry

Rapid growth in Myanmar’s fish farming industry is supporting higher rural incomes, greater job opportunities, and improved nutrition, health and well-being, according to research by the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Michigan State University (MSU) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). The research report, “Aquaculture in transition: Value chain transformation, fish and food security in Myanmar”, was released to industry stakeholders and government representatives on 28 January 2016.