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Paper: Fiscal management in Myanmar

The Government of Myanmar’s fiscal management objectives, outlined in the Framework for Economic and Social Reforms (2013), include plans for an increasing proportion of government spending on health and education, and a decline in spending on the military. The government has also recognized the need to reduce reliance on resource revenues and to prioritize tax policy and tax administration reform.


Publication: Trade and Investment Strategy Consultation Paper

To support Myanmar’s ongoing economic development and integration into regional and global economies, CESD has published its Trade and Investment Strategy Consultation Paper, detailing evidence-based policy recommendations across areas including macroeconomic reform, sustainable development and good governance.


Report: Making public finance work for children in Myanmar

CESD, in collaboration with UNICEF, has taken advantage of increased transparency of Myanmar’s national budget, developing an analysis of government budgets over four fiscal years, from 2011-12 to 2014-15.