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Current processes and future priorities in public financial management reform

CESD, in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), undertook research into the existing state of subnational public finances and intergovernmental relationships to help build knowledge on the current state of fiscal decentralization in Myanmar, and to promote dialogue on the challenges and opportunities faced by Myanmar’s  Union and subnational governments with public financial management reform.

Accessing Myanmar’s budget data online

The Open Myanmar Initiative (OMI), a nonprofit orginization promoting the right to information and education, recently launched their online budget dashboard, providing access to up-to-date budget data from the Union and State and Region governments. The project was lead by Giles Dickenson-Jones, CESD Research Fellow, as part of the State and Region Public Finances in Myanmar report.


Ongoing discussions on reform of state and region governments

The initial research paper on state and region governments, prepared by CESD and The Asia Foundation (TAF) and released in September 2013, continues to support discussions on the operations of state and region governments, and the challenges and opportunities they face. The state and region governments were established under the 2008 Constitution and experienced significant changes to their composition following the 2015 elections.


Negotiating complex contracts in the extractive industries – how to ensure a “win-win” solution

CESD’s Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI) team provided expertise and support to recent training in Nay Pyi Taw on resource governance and contract negotiation in the extractive industries. Myanmar has extensive natural resources. How these natural resources are managed, and how contracts are negotiated, will determine whether they deliver benefits and inclusive development to Myanmar.


Exploring different perspectives on Hlegu Township’s economic development

In May 2016, CESD brought together representatives from Hlegu Township’s farming, labour, education, and business associations, media and civil society for a round-table discussion on Hlegu’s economic development. The discussion was part of CESD’s work with the International Growth Centre  to undertake research and provide recommendations to address development challenges in Hlegu Township.


Strengths and opportunities for public financial management in Myanmar

CESD, in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has undertaken research to further facilitate and promote discussion on effective public financial management (PFM) between Myanmar’s union government and state and region governments.


Paper: A primer on subnational finances and fiscal decentralisation in Myanmar

In a collection of papers on Myanmar’s financial sector, CESD’s Giles Dickenson-Jones and Cindy Joelene provide a summary of the fiscal structures at the state and region (subnational) level, highlighting the relevance of Myanmar’s political, administrative and economic systems to public financial management reforms.


Paper: Myanmar attempts fiscal decentralization reform

In a collection of papers on Myanmar’s financial sector, CESD Research Associate, Cindy Joelene, looks at the recent history of fiscal decentralisation in Myanmar, and provides recommendations on how to improve this ongoing process.


Release of NRGI’s roadmap for distributing Myanmar’s natural resource revenues

The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) released it’s publication, “Sharing the wealth: A roadmap for distributing Myanmar’s natural resource revenues” in February 2016. A number of CESD’s research papers, notably on governance structures and arrangements, are referenced in the publication.


Promoting dialogue on effective public financial management across union, state and region governments

Recent reforms in Myanmar have lead to state and region governments having greater financial resources and responsibilities. Research undertaken by CESD, working with Ministry of Finance and supported by the Japan International Coopration Agency (JICA), supports greater transparency on how states and regions understand and undertake these responsibilities. The research findings, and policy recommendations, were discussed at a workshop for public finance management  officials in Nay Pyi Taw on 17 February 2016. (more…)