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Regional Development Workshop in Mon State

The Mon State Hluttaw and CESD collaborated on, and conducted, a regional development workshop in the Mon Hluttaw Meeting Hall between 9th August and 10th August, 2016. The Mon Hluttaw Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Minister of Electricity, Members of Parliament,  officials and CESD researchers attended the workshop.


Research report: Towards a rural development strategy for Mon State

Data analysis from CESD’s Mon State Rural Household Survey (2015) is presented in a research report (July 2016) that identifies options for more balanced growth in Mon State, “leading to a vibrant economy in which returning migrants can invest and find employment.” The research report, prepared by CESD, in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Michigan State University (MSU), provides a set of initial recommendations for the establishment of a rural development strategy for Mon State. The recommendations are in two broad areas: (1) stimulating growth in agriculture and sustainable management of natural resources, and (2) providing public infrastructure and services that strengthen the enabling environment.


Policy brief: towards a rural development strategy for Mon State

CESD, in partnership with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and Michigan State University (MSU), analysed the substantial challenges facing the rural economy in Mon State, and report “there is good reason for optimism if the Mon State and Union governments can work together with the private sector, including farmers, to develop a vibrant rural economy that raises rural incomes and improves the welfare of the rural population.”


Discussion: Accelerating the growth and development of the vegetable sector in Myanmar

Vegetables in Myanmar represent one of the highest potential growth opportunities of any agricultural sub sector. Key considerations to enable growth were raised by Dr Duncan Boughton, Professor, International Development at Michigan State University, at the Second National Vegetable Sector Round Table, held in Nay Pyi Taw on 3 March 2016.


Presentation and briefing note: Agricultural public expenditures in Myanmar

A presentation to the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Working Group looked at the crucial role of agricultural public expenditure in achieving the newly-elected Myanmar government’s priorities for agriculture and rural development.


Research report: Aquaculture in transition

Rapid growth in Myanmar’s fish farming industry is supporting higher rural incomes, greater job opportunities, and improved nutrition, health and well-being, according to research by the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD), Michigan State University (MSU) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).


Presentation: The essential role of agriculture

CESD presented on the government’s role in promoting a dynamic agricultural industry to the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development in Nay Pyi Taw on 20 January 2016.


Presentation: The essential role of agriculture in Myanmar’s economic transition

CESD, in partnership with Michigan State University, presented a number of agricultural policy recommendations to the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development in January 2016.


Presentation: Agriculture – engine of rural economic growth in Myanmar

The potential of the agriculture sector to drive rural economic growth is highlighted in a presentation from CESD’s Food Security Project team. The 9-slide presentation looks at how agriculture can drive the rural economy, and ways to support increases in agricultural incomes. The presentation introduces aquaculture as an opportunity for growth, the role of the government in supporting the agricultural sector, and the need to ensure an enabling environment for ongoing growth. (more…)

Policy brief: A quiet revolution emerging in the fish farming value chain

Fish farming (aquaculture) is important to Myanmar’s food security and is developing and transforming quickly in Myanmar. This policy brief presents findings from a field survey of the farmed fish value chain. Many of the findings are at odds with what is perceived as conventional wisdom about fish farming in Myanmar.