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Our People

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Chief of the Board of Directors

U Myint, Chief of the Board of Directors

U Myint, MDRI-CESD Chief of the Board of Directors

U Myint holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rangoon University, Masters degree in Economics from Cornell University (USA) and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He has held posts of Lecturer and Head of the Economics Department at the Institute of Education, Yangon; Chief of the Economic Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Senior Economic Affairs Officer at the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). He is a renowned Myanmar economist and was chief economic advisor to President U Thein Sein.

Executive team

Dr. Zaw Oo, Executive Director

Zaw Oo, MDRI-CESD Executive DirectorDr. Zaw Oo contributed to the development of Myanmar’s Framework of Economic and Social Reform (January 2013), as well as the successful conclusion of the Paris Club agreement in January 2013.  He is a member of the National Economic and Social Advisory Council of the Office of the President and the Task Force on Public Service Performance Appraisal, and National Coordinator for the Myanmar Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. Previously, he was a lecturer at Chiang Mai University. He holds graduate degrees from Columbia University and American University in international development, finance and banking, and political economy. He is a co-author of Assessing Cease-fire Accords in Burma (2007) and Economic Development of Burma: A vision and a strategy (2000) (link to PDF, 234 pages, 1781Kb) on the http://www.burmalibrary.org website) and has contributed to many scholarly journals and news media.

Dr. Tin Maung Than, Director of Training & Communications, & Senior Research Fellow

Tin Maung ThanDr. Tin Maung Than, is a medical doctor and graduate of Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Before he left Burma in 2000, he was a chief editor of Thint Bawa magazine, and later a social and political commentator at broadcasting Burmese Services of Voice of America (VOA), Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB), and Radio Free Asia (RFA). He is one of the founders and senior associates of Vahu Development Institute, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He has been living in Myanmar since February 2012.

Win Min, Senior Research Fellow

Win Min's photoWin Min is a Senior Research Fellow at CESD, a Senior Research Associate at the Vahu Development Institute and a journalist at the Voice of America. He was a lecturer at Chiang Mai University (2004-2010) and Payap University (2007-2010) in Thailand. From 2001 to 2005, he was a researcher at the Burma Fund. He was a student activist in Burma in 1988 and a member of the All Burma Students Democratic Front from 1988 to 2000. He received a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 2001.


Our People:

The CESD takes pride in selecting, nurturing and developing the best talent – both national and international. CESD pays special attention to select candidates from a wide variety of background and education/technical expertise. The teams are broadly divided into the Research Team and the Management/Support Team.

Management Team:

The CESD Management Team comprises of staff from Myanmar and abroad who are primarily responsible for a wide range of responsibilities including programme/project support, communications, finance, administration/logistics, human resources, etc. CESD’s team has a diverse range of experience and educational qualifications, gained both in Myanmar and overseas. Meet our Management Team 

Research Team:

The CESD takes pride in its well-qualified and talented research staff who share a genuine passion for the socio-economic development of Myanmar. The researchers possess a wide variety of qualifications from reputed national and international universities with considerable amounts of experience of working in the field. CESD pays special attention and encourages a healthy balance of gender and ethnic representation among its research staff in particular in order to get different perspectives that will enable in deriving interesting insights which can then be advocated as policy reforms to national and international stakeholders. Meet our Research Team

Employee Spotlight

There is a notable list of CESD staff who are changing the world with their extraordinary passion for economics, international development, and Myanmar’s future. Meet some of our employees who are using their CESD experience to build the next step in their career.


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