Started in April of 2019 the Doing Research Assessment report has been approved for wide distribution this week. By examining the historical, sociopolitical, economic and international context of doing research as well as a gathering new data within the DRA framework the report brings to light important findings on the state of the social science research environment in Myanmar. Included in the findings are many challenges to fostering a healthy research system such as lack of budget prioritization for research, the lack of a research policy at the national level, the lack of collaboration between government organizations and Higher Education Institutions and absence of a per review culture in Myanmar universities. Although the report highlights a need a to overhaul the research system in Myanmar it also points to many opportunities that would engender positive change in local research sphere. Encouraging local ownership of research when collaborating with international organizations, growing budgeting and flexibility for research spending and enhancing the relationship between researchers and policy makers are a few of the levers for change highlighted by the report. It is important to not that this first report of the Doing Research Assessment – Myanmar is only the first step towards meaningful and positive change in Myanmar’s research environment and that continuous study of the topic will be needed in the future.

The full report is available in English as well as an executive summary in Myanmar language.

Doing Research in Myanmar – English

Doing Research in Myanmar – Country Report – Executive Summary – Myanmar Version