The month of March marked the completion of the 2nd phase of the Joint World Bank-CESD study on labour mobility in Myanmar. During a 2 week visit to the Dry Zone region in Mandalay and Magway, our research teams conducted interviews and focus group discussions (FDGs) with migrant workers, members of migrant households, government officials and representatives from the Civil Society Organisations. The study is focused on understanding the current labour mobility patterns and the migration process in order to develop strategies that promote jobs and effectively manage local and international labour mobility.

The first phase of the study initially started in February with field visits to Ayeyarwaddy and the second phase was conducted in both Mandalay and Magway regions. These field visits have been geared towards collecting qualitative data on migrants’ experiences and the overall impact of migration at a micro and meso level.  The findings will contribute to the World Bank’s regional report on migration and the 2nd National Plan for Action (NPA) for the Management of International Migration. Moreover, this joint-study is an indication of CESDs commitment as an advocate of labour reforms in the country as well as the role it plays in the Myanmar Taskforce on Migration. Owing to CESDs expertise in conducting research and providing insight on labour and migration issues in Myanmar.

In May the research team will set out to Mon and Kayin State to begin the third phase of the joint study.  To learn more about the labour mobility related research you can read here.

Field Visit 2

(Pictured above is the CESD-World Bank team outside the Regional Department of Labour office  in Magway Township)