As Myanmar begins to integrate itself into the global economy, CESD has sought to connect global best practices in value chain development to Myanmar’s ongoing modernization. Between December 20-22nd, the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) presented its findings at the International Chamber of Commerce and Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific’s (ICC-ESCAP) Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. CESD’s Senior Program Coordinator, Ms. Nang Seng Pen, attended the workshop and presented CESD’s findings on how to upgrade Myanmar’s Agroforestry Value Chain. The value chain analysis specifically focused on rubber farmer development in Mon State, Myanmar.


The joint workshop brought together subject matter experts, the ICC and ESCAP, and a variety of stakeholders to share opinions and findings on international trade finance and the development of global value chains (GVCs). The workshop analyzed the current state and future leanings of small and medium-enterprise (SME) development in Asia and the Pacific, discussed the limitations and difficulties of international trade finance, and exchanged best practices to conduct international trade finance while avoiding risks in cross-border transactions. During the workshop, Ms. Nang Seng Pen listened to presentations on critical topics for Myanmar’s future development, including integrating SMEs into GVCs, value maximization of regional value chains for SMEs, and SME finance.

CESD is looking forward to utilizing the knowledge and best practices conveyed during the workshop in its projects and helping integrate Myanmar’s people and businesses into the global economy.