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Meet Our Researchers

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The CESD takes pride in its well-qualified and talented research staff who share a genuine passion for the socio-economic development of Myanmar. The researchers possess a wide variety of qualifications from reputed national and international universities with considerable amounts of experience of working in the field. The CESD pays special attention and encourages a healthy balance of gender and ethnic representation among its research staff in particular in order to get different perspectives that will enable in deriving interesting insights which can then be advocated as policy reforms to national and international stakeholders.

Aung Htun

Policy Associate (Food Security Policy)

Aung Htun PhotoAung Htun is working as policy associate for policy department of CESD. His responsibilities are conducting policy researches, networking with stakeholders and creating space for policy advocacy. He holds a master degree on development studies from Yangon Institute of Economics.  Before he joined to CESD, he worked as a researcher for conducting social science and political researches, especially in conflicted areas of Myanmar with Myanmar Peace Center and Inquiry Commission of Sectarian Violence in Rakhine State.


Aung Myo Min

Research Coordinator

IMG_7611Aung Myo Min joined CESD in 2012 and is currently a research coordinator and the team leader of the Labor Market Reform Program. His research and policy analysis is focused on labour migration, social protection and social security, labour laws, and the living and working conditions of industrial workers. Previously, Aung Myo Min worked at the Comprehensive Development Education Center as an (CDEC) administrative and alumni coordinator and was editor of the Red Rose Magazine. He was also Executive Officer of the Myanmar Fisheries Federation, responsible for managing fishery training programmes and organizing coordination events among fishery key stakeholders. He also served as a personal assistant to UMFCCI’s vice president.

Aung Myo Min received his B.A. in Law from Dagon University, later receiving a scholarship from the HBS Foundation for his Master’s in Social Science from Chiang Mai University. He is currently enrolled at the Yangon University of Economics studying for his Masters of Applied Statistics.

Ame Cho
Research Associate (Food Security Policy)

ame coAme Cho is a research associate with Food Security Policy and Rural Development Program at CESD. Her areas of focus include economic and social studies, policy advocacy and analysis, and capacity-building initiatives, specifically those intended to improve agricultural productivity and rural livelihoods in Myanmar. Before joining CESD, Ame Cho most recently worked as product development and registration assistant at Myanma Awba Group Co. Ltd in 2013. Ame Cho is fluent in Burmese and English and conversational in Dutch. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Agricultural Science from Yezin Agricultural University, as well as a Master of Science in Nutrition and Rural Development from Ghent University in Belgium. Ame Cho has produced multiple publications, including:

  • Master’s Thesis Dissertation at Yezin Agricultural University (2013)
  • Master’s Thesis Dissertation at Ghent University (2015)
  • “Assessment of Household Food Security Through Crop Diversification in Netmauk Township, Magway Region, Myanmar” a paper and poster presentation presented at the “Tropentag International Conference on Research for Food Security, Natural Resource Management and Rural Development” (September 2016, Vienna, Austria).

Khadija H. Nasirova

Research Associate (Labor Market Reform Project)

KhadijaKhadija H. Nasirova has 10 years’ experience in managing development projects for government and private sectors. She has worked on areas of capacity development, planning commission, ICT and e-governance concurrently for both the Ministry of Justice and World Bank Projects. Ms. Nasirova has developed working knowledge of data-driven policy analysis, leadership and management, and statistical analysis. 

In 2015, she worked at Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) in Manila, Philippines and researched on “Migration and Sustainable Development Goals”. Most recently, she was a consultant and core research member for the Reforms Delivery Unit at the Ministry of Education and then also worked jointly on GIZ Impact Report “On Private Sector Development Projects in Azerbaijan”.

She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in European Studies & International Relations, and a subsequent Masters in Public Policy through Lee Foundation Scholarship at National University of Singapore. She is fluent in English, Russian, and Turkish, knows basic German and French. She is passionate about migration issues, environmental policy, education reforms, gender issues and has actively been involved in leadership roles of multiple philanthropic and advocacy organization such as: UN Women, Bridging Gap, AJPA, Equals etc.

Pau Sian Zam (Alex)
Research Associate (Labor Market Reform Project)

IMG_7966Alex currently works as a Research Associate on the CESD Labor Team. His passions include a variety of topics across social and economic development research, evident from his educational background and his previous employment as a Junior Research Executive in the Social Department at Myanmar Survey Research (MSR), a private survey development organization.. Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies (International Relations Track) from Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines and a Master of Public Policy (MPP) from Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt in Germany. He is fluent in four languages, including Zo and Lai (Chin dialects), English, and Burmese, with a conversational knowledge of German as well.

Eaindra Theint Theint Thu
Research Assistant (Food Security Policy)


Eaindra Theint Theint Thu is a Research Associate for the Food Security Policy and Rural Development Program at the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD). Prior to joining CESD, she served in a variety of positions, which have included:

  • Research Associate at the Asian Institute for Technology (AIT) (Bangkok);
  • Freelance Researcher for Grow Asia within the “Inclusive Agribusiness in Myanmar” program;
  • Land Associate for Land Core Group (LCG);
  • Community Development Officer for CESVI;
  • Assistant Trainer for Agribusiness Consultancy Group;
  • Assistant Researcher for the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR)

Eaindra’s primary interests pertain to resource management, including common-pool, land, and conflict-based resource management. Additional areas of focus include community-based natural resource management, migration, and labour scarcity. Eaindra speaks Burmese and English, holds an MS in Natural Resource Management from AIT, and has a Bachelors in Agricultural Science and Agribusiness Management from Yezin Agricultural University. Her published works include: “Challenges and Responses of Farming Households to Labor Migration: A Case Study in the Dry Zone of Myanmar”.

Yu Yu Lwin

Research Assistant (Food Security Policy)

Ma Yu (1)Yu Yu Lwin is a Research Assistant of CESD, Food Security Project (FSP). Her core responsibilities include working closely with Research Supervisor, other Research Associates, international experts and other researchers for research planning and implementation, assisting Research Associates and Research Supervisor, implementing an intensive schedule of scoping missions, pre-tests, research trainings, surveys, case studies, risks and impact assessments and policy advocacy events. She has to assist in data entry, cleaning and analysis. She writes reports in collaboration with Research Associate and other researchers Attend internal trainings and relevant external events as well. She holds a Bachelor of Science, specialized in Botany, from Yangon University. She received a Diploma of Statistics and a Diploma of Research Studies from Yangon University of Economics. Prior to joining CESD, she worked as a researcher by researching various kinds of researches and collecting surveys.

Nan Kyi Hsut Wai

Research Assistant (Labor Market Reform Project)

KHsutNan Kyi Hsut Wai is a research assistant for CESD’s Labor Market Reform Project. Her responsibilities include research planning & implementation especially in scoping,  pre-tests, training, surveys, data cleaning, translation, do analysis & reporting process which emphasize on migration and socio-economic of migrant workers.

Previously, she started working for CESD as a research and outreach officer in 2014 where Center was managing to implement the national program on Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and she conducted in depth research on natural resource governance till our center mission has accomplished the planned target of producing a first internationally-acclaimed report on natural resource governance in Myanmar. Prior to joining CESD, she worked as a Training Associate at Myanmar Minerva Education Center. Her main responsibilities include teaching and managing the trainings for Peace Education and Capacity Building Trainings for Ethnic and Political Parties. Moreover, she conducted monitoring and evaluation programs for Ethnic parties at their respective states.

She is also one of the fellows of Saemual Education for Executive Leader Program, Yeaunaung University, the Republic of Korea. She earned her graduate degree from Yangon University of Foreign Languages in 2013 specializing in English and got post- graduate diploma from Yangon University in 2014 specialized in International Relations.

Khin Suu Thet

Research Assistant (Labor Market Reform Project)

Ma Yu (2)She is working as a Research Assistant. She holds a Bachelor from University of Traditional Medicine (Mandalay). She is fluent in two languages, English and Myanmar but also has a knowledge of Spanish and Korean as survival languages.  

Currently, she is working for the labor reform project at garment sector on field research. She has to be responsible for the research planning for the survey, external relation with industrial zones and support the team supervisor. Moreover, she has to take responsibilities for compilation of data, completion of data, data cleaning and data improvement activities. Yet she has to record the participant lists; meeting minutes and any related documents for respective project activities.

Dwel Ja
Research Assistant (Jade Project)

JM DJDwel Ja is a Research Assistant at CESD studying the Myanmar Jade trade and its interactions with the labour market, after transitioning from his role in the CESD Labor Market Reform Project. His current responsibilities include research planning for surveys, enumerator training, secondary data research, field research, report writing, external relations, translation and project administration. Dwel Ja graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Lashio (Shan State) and is currently enrolling in an international relations diploma program at the University of Yangon. Dwel Ja is a Kachin ethnic, with fluency in four Kachin dialects (Lhovo, Lachid, Zaiwa and Jinghpo), Burmese, and English in addition to conversational knowledge of Chinese.

Mercy Mang Hlei Lang

Intern (Research)

Mai MerccyMai Mercy, an intern-research /enumerator at CESD, is graduated from Mandalay University of Foreign Languages, specialized in German, in 2013. Before working as an intern for CESD, she worked as a receptionist cum administrative assistant at Yoma Strategic Holdings Co. Ltd from 2015 to 2016. She also worked as an interviewer under the socio-economic research at Third Eye Research Company in 2015. After graduated from Kant Kaw Education Center in Community Leadership and Social Studies, she served as a volunteer teacher who was teaching youths English and Environment in Karen State. She speaks four languages including Chin, Burmese, English and German.

George Carpenter Herdeg

Visiting Intern/Researcher

GeorgeGeorge Herdeg is a visiting researcher from San Antonio, Texas working closely with the development and communications department. He is also currently supporting ongoing labor and aquaculture development projects. A recent graduate from American University with his B.A. in International Studies, George’s previously interned with FINCA Impact Finance and Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance. Formerly based in Washington, D.C., George speaks English and Spanish and is looking forward to applying his previous operations and development experience to CESD.

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh

Visiting Intern/Researcher

Hanh Nguyen Nguyen is a visiting researcher at the Centre for Economic and Social Development. She got her Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the School of Public Policy, Central European University in Budapest, Hungary with three concentrations, including governance, development and econometrics. Her research focuses on gender policies and international regimes in climate change control. She was the winner of a bronze medal from the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law for her essay on harmonizing domestic policies with international agreements on climate change mitigation, presented at the Conference of Parties (COP) 22 in Morocco, on November 11, 2016.

Hanh was a research associate with the G20 Research Group and the G7 Research Group based in Toronto, Canada. She has contributed to the Group’s compliance reports which aim at assessing the commitment of G20 members. In addition, she has been in charge of data analysis and quantitative evaluation of G7 and G20 compliance catalysts.

Hanh was also the team leader in methodology of a student research project with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on the role of civil society in transition resilience in Central and Eastern European countries. She was in the panel discussion with The Economist presenting their findings at EBRD’s Annual Meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus in May, 2017.