Examining the issues related to women living in poverty in Myanmar, this short paper shares Myanmar’s experience on poverty reduction and inclusive growth as a means of alleviating poverty for women in Myanmar.

WomenPovThe paper, prepared for The Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal, highlights some of the measures taken by the Thein Sein government to address poverty, including organizing the Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation Workshop (held just one month after taking office) and use of the constituency development fund, poverty reduction fund, rural development fund and village development fund to fund project works that aid rural development and reduce poverty levels.

The paper also refers to CESD research, undertaken in Mon State and Yangon Region, that  showed women make up 88% of the workforce in garment manufacturing firms and 32% of the workforce in food processing firms, but in 45% of factories, the average wages for workers was less than 108,000 kyat per month (approximately $US91). The monthly wage of 108,000 kyat reflects the minimum daily wage of 3,600 kyat, established by the Government of Myanmar in September 2015.

For further information on CESD’s involvement with The Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal, refer to “Contributing partner for the Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal (GPIG)“.

Publication name: Issues Paper. Women and Poverty Issues – Myanmar Experience

Author: S Kanay De

Publication date: 3 August 2016

Language: English

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