CESD is a contributing partner to the The Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth (GPIG) Portal, established as a means of sharing poverty reduction knowledge and best practice in the region and around the world. As part of CESD’s role in sharing knowledge and expertise in the region, CESD was confirmed as moderator for the “Gender and poverty” category page, and Myanmar country page of the GPIG portal in July 2016.

GPIGThe Global Poverty Reduction Inclusive Growth Portal is an initiative of the World Bank and is supported by the Asian Development Bank, co-established and operated by China International Poverty Reduction Center and China Development Gateway. Think tanks from Asia, Africa and South America have been invited to participate in and contribute to the knowledge sharing platform.

CESD’s first contribution to the GPIG portal is the publication of an issues paper, Women and poverty issues: Myanmar experience.

The CESD contact for matters related to the GPIG Portal is S Kanay De, kanayde.cesd@gmail.com.