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Exploring different perspectives on Hlegu Township’s economic development

In May 2016, CESD brought together representatives from Hlegu Township’s farming, labour, education, and business associations, media and civil society for a round-table discussion on Hlegu’s economic development. The discussion was part of CESD’s work with the International Growth Centre  to undertake research and provide recommendations to address development challenges in Hlegu Township.

Photo with CSOHlegu Township is in Yangon Division, approximately 45 km north-east of downtown Yangon. Preliminary research suggests that Hlegu Township is highly rural, with the majority of income being generated from small and medium scale agriculture.

Following discussions with U Phyo Min Thein, Yangon Region Hluttaw MP, CESD commenced a project to research the development challenges and potentials in Hlegu Township, with specific reference to:

  • the promotion of urbanization
  • development of relations with the Yangon City Development Committee
  • reduction of corruption, and
  • the role that MPs can play in promoting and coordinating development.

CESD’s research involved the development of a high level assessment of the state of economic development in Hlegu Township, with an analysis of the economic challenges faced by residents in Hlegu Township, the economic issues to be addressed, and recommendations to support Hlegu’s urbanization in an effective and transparent manner.

The round-table discussion on 3 May 2016 was part of the process to understand the different perspectives of stakeholders – from government, civil society, and business –  on urban development in Yangon region, and economic development in Hlegu Township.

Further information about the research project in Hlegu Township is available on the IGC website.


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