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Paper: Myanmar attempts fiscal decentralization reform

In a collection of papers on Myanmar’s financial sector, CESD Research Associate, Cindy Joelene, looks at the recent history of fiscal decentralisation in Myanmar, and provides recommendations on how to improve this ongoing process.

Ms Joelene writes “Myanmar is going through a transition period, and fiscal decentralization is slowly taking place, but with fragmented goals and policies.”

Recommendations in her paper, “”Myanmar attempts fiscal decentralisation reform”, include:

  • public financial management reform should be incorporated in the long term national decentralization vision and strategy. To support this, existing laws and procedures should be amended, new laws should be enacted, and relevant policies should be set.
  • the Financial Commission should be strengthened and shift to a more policy setting body. The commission should develop and apply clear and sound fiscal policies for the union and state and region governments.
  • Hluttaw (parliament) should be aware of the national decentralization strategies, and Hluttaw committees should work with technical experts to create a more transparent budgetary system.

Paper title: Myanmar attempts fiscal decentralization reform

Publication name: Collection of papers on Myanmar’s financial sector

Author: Cindy Joelene

Published by: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Myanmar and Thura Swiss

Publication date: January 2016

Language: English

Download the paper from the following links:

Cindy Joelene, CESD Research Associate, discusses fiscal decentralisation at a panel discussion

Cindy Joelene, CESD Research Associate, speaks on fiscal decentralisation at a Thura Swiss panel discussion

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