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Submission of Myanmar’s first Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) report

The first Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI) Report was submitted to the EITI International Secretariat on 2 January 2016. The report is a key requirement for  Myanmar as an ‘EITI Candidate Country’, and supports the objective of attaining ‘EITI Compliant’ status in 2017. CESD is the coordinating body for the Leading Authority of MEITI.

MEITI first report infographics - Jan 2016

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is a global standard promoting open and accountable management of natural resources – notably in the oil, gas and mining industries.  In each implementing country it is supported by a coalition of governments, companies and civil society working together.

The first MEITI Report looks at the fiscal and non-fiscal revenues across three sub-sectors of the extractive sector – oil and gas, gems and jade, and other minerals.

The purpose of the report was to reconcile the data provided by companies operating in the extractive sector with the data provided by relevant government ministries and bodies. The overall objectives of the reconciliation are:

  1. to assist the Government of Myanmar identify the positive contribution that the extractive sector makes to the economic and social development of Myanmar, and
  2. to realise the sector’s potential through improved resource governance.

A total of 57 companies were included in the reconciliation process, representing:

  • 100 % of revenue from Myanmar’s oil and gas sector,
  • 53% of revenue from the gems and jade sector, and
  • 45% of revenue from the other minerals sector.

Eleven government agencies were also included in the reconciliation process.

The reconciliation found that during the fiscal year 2013-14, total revenue collected from the extractive sector amounted to  3,011,283 million Myanmar kyat (MMK), and about 85% of total revenue are collected mainly by the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs). The unresolved discrepancies in this report amounted to MMK 162 million (US$ 0.17 million) representing 0.01% of total receipts by government reporting entities in fiscal year 2013-14.

In addition to the results of the reconciliation, the report provides 14 recommendations to support Myanmar’s graduation to ‘EITI Compliant’ status and support greater transparency, accountability and good governance in the extractive industry.

MEITI_1st_reportDownload the report, separate Appendix 10 and 11 (Excel file) and related documents from the following links:

The report can also be accessed via the EITI website and the MEITI website.

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