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Human resource management characteristics and trends presented at international symposium

Tun Min Sandar, CESD Research Associate, participated in a panel discussion on human resource management at the Human Resources Institute (HRI) “Managing human resources in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar (CLMV) – Trends, challenges, and lessons learned” symposium, held in Bangkok, on 22 December 2015.


Presentation: Agriculture – engine of rural economic growth in Myanmar

The potential of the agriculture sector to drive rural economic growth is highlighted in a presentation from CESD’s Food Security Project team. The 9-slide presentation looks at how agriculture can drive the rural economy, and ways to support increases in agricultural incomes. The presentation introduces aquaculture as an opportunity for growth, the role of the government in supporting the agricultural sector, and the need to ensure an enabling environment for ongoing growth. (more…)

Publication of the MEITI First Report in December 2015


The first ever report of the Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI) will be published at the end of December, 2015 to disclose the information related to revenue received from the extractive industries to the public. The report has been compiled since July 2, 2014 when Myanmar was recognized as an Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Candidate Country, and it is an important requirement for Myanmar to become an EITI member country.