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Paper: Promoting agricultural growth in Myanmar

Rapid agricultural growth in Myanmar has the potential to be the engine for broad-based economic growth and poverty reduction. Moreover, the current democratic reforms in Myanmar create opportunities for development of agricultural and economic policies for greater food security and poverty reduction.

Photo credit: David Handschuh/Yahoo News

Photo credit: David Handschuh/Yahoo News

This paper reviews the agricultural policy environment in Myanmar up until 2014 and identifies policies that can help to accelerate productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector. The paper looks at the evolution of government policies and their implementation, i.e. those focused on farm inputs (land management; finance; water management; research, education and extension services; rural electrification; seeds; fertilizer and mechanization).

The paper also provides a brief overview of policies which affect farm diversification (including rice productivity and crop diversification) and output policies including policies related to post-farmgate processing; logistics and transport; wholesale markets; and broad macro-economic and trade policy.

Publication name: Promoting agricultural growth in Myanmar: A review of policies and an assessment of knowledge gaps

Author(s): Than Tun, Adam Kennedy, and Ulrike Nischan

Supported by: International Food Policy Research Institute

Publication date: November 2015

Language(s): English

Download the report from the following link(s):

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