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Discussing federalism in Sagaing

CESD’s U Tin Maung Than, Director of Training and Senior Research Fellow, joined with representatives from the Hanns Seidel Foundation and members and representatives of the Sagaing Region Parliament to discuss a federal system of government and public sector reform in Myanmar,  on 26-27 July 2015.

As noted in a recent report on public sector reform (prepared by CESD and the Asia Foundation) Myanmar has the formal attributes of a federal system of government, and the constitution of Myanmar lists the powers of the Union, and state and region governments. Currently, most powers and responsibilities rest with the Union government, with state and region governments having limited powers, mainly restricted to matters concerning local infrastructure and local economic activities.

U Tin Maung Than, one of the authors of the recent report, was a panelist at the discussion on federalism in Sagaing. Participating in the discussion on “Federalism in the Myanmar context and out of a comparative perspective”, U Tin Maung Tan spoke of the ongoing public sector reform in Myanmar, and links to a federal reform process.

U Tin Maung Than also moderated the working group on “Federalism and public administration”, providing technical input prior to discussion among the participants.

The two day workshop for members and representatives of the Sagaing Region Parliament was part of the program of work being delivered by the Hanns Seidel Foundation that examines federal reforms and the nature of the federal system of government and whether this may be suitable for Myanmar.