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Research outcomes presented at “Myanmar and the sustainable development goals” conference

A team of CESD senior researchers presented some of their recent research and publications at the Australian Myanmar Institute (AMI) “Myanmar and the sustainable development goals” conference, held at  Yangon University, 10 – 12 July 2015.

Phoo Pwint Phyu, Research Associate, presents an overview of recent trends in public finance in Myanmar

In the first session of the three-day conference, CESD’s Kyi Pyar Chit Saw, Research Associate, spoke on government decentralisation, and the new structure of state and region governments in Myanmar.

Also on the first day of the conference, Phoo Pwint Phyu, CESD Research Associate, presented an overview of public finance trends in Myanmar from 2011-12 to 2014-15. The presentation referenced the findings of the CESD and UNICEF publication, “Making public finance work for children in Myanmar“, released in November 2014.

Giles Dickenson-Jones and S Kanayde (CESD) presented some of the findings from their research into state and region public finances in Myanmar. The presentation provided an overview of the constitutional framework for subnational taxation, together with an analysis of recent budgets from the Union, state and region governments. A joint publication from CESD, The Asia Foundation and International Growth Centre, due for release in August 2015, documents recent research and findings, and makes recommendations for improving the existing arrangements for public finances in Myanmar.

CESD’s L Seng Kham, Research Associate, also presented at the AMI conference, with research findings and analysis on the potential for pulses (e.g. beans, lentils, peas) in Myanmar  – for sustainable agricultural development, increased food security, and building export markets.

S Kanayde, Research Associate, presents on state and region public finances

MDRI-CESD staff attending the AMI conference, Yagon University

Phoo Pwint Phyu, Giles Dickenson-Jones and Ngu Wah Win, MDRI-CESD, enjoy a break during the AMI conference, Yangon University

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