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The manufacturing sector as a source of economic growth and job creation: video series

Dr Zaw Oo, CESD Executive Director, spoke of the need to learn from the experiences of other Asian economies when considering economic growth through intensive manufacturing strategies, investments in human capital and investments in natural resource industries.


Assessment of extractive industries (oil and gas, mining and hydropower)

In May 2015, the Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative released its report, “Institutional and regulatory assessment of the extractive industries in Myanmar”, providing a baseline assessment of the oil and gas, mining (including jade and gemstones) and the hydro-power sectors in Myanmar.


Supporting administrative reform in Myanmar

The Government of Myanmar’s administrative reform agenda is aimed at improving government service delivery by streamlining procedures, cutting red tape, increasing transparency, ensuring clean government and investing in an efficient civil service. To support the reform agenda, representatives of Union, state and region level ministries, civil society organizations, international experts, and others met in Nay Pyi Taw to discuss the necessary steps for reform. MDRI-CESD’s Executive Director, Dr Zaw Oo, assisted in the delivery of the two-day consultative workshop, held 23 – 24 May 2015.