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Launch of ‘Reforming the Labour Market in Myanmar’ research programme

In support of efforts to improve labour market conditions across the country, CESD and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) launched their three-year labour research programme on 28 March 2015.

The programme, ‘Reforming the Labour Market in Myanmar’, will deliver statistical evidence and expert analysis to support improved labour laws, policies and programmes.

Than Tun, Deputy Director of Research at CESD, said “The present government has passed laws such as the Minimum Wage Law (2013) and the Social Security Law (2012) to ensure that workers benefit from the social and economic changes taking place in Myanmar. However, Myanmar still requires considerable further reform of its labour legislation, policies and regulations if workers here are to fully enjoy the benefits of the country’s future economic growth.”

“Labour market reform could include changes to laws and policies regarding the minimum wage, addressing dangerous working conditions, or child labour,” said Than Tun.

The research programme includes three major pieces of research:

  1. A survey of employers and employees in two distinct industries – the rapidly-growing garment industry and the agri-food processing industry.
  2. A legal review of existing labour laws, including the Minimum Wage Law (2013) and Job and Social Security Law (2012).
  3. Analysis of labour market statistics from the Labour Force Survey, being undertaken by the Ministry of Labour and Employment and Social Security (MOLES) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) this year.

Findings from the research programme will be made available to the public and to key stakeholders in the labour reform process via detailed reports, and in summarised, more accessible formats.

The programme launch on 28 March provided an overview of the programme and allowed stakeholders to provide feedback to CESD and the IDRC. It was attended by representatives from the Government of Myanmar, Myanmar civil society organisations, the Myanmar private sector, international development and research organisations, and the Embassy of Canada.

A summary of the research programme is provided in the CESD and IDRC Project Profile (PDF; English language; 1 page; 561Kb).

Media coverage of the launch is accessible via the following links:

CESD is partnering with the IDRC to support much-needed labour market reform in Myanmar

CESD is partnering with the IDRC to support much-needed labour market reform in Myanmar

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