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Publication: Trade and Investment Strategy Consultation Paper

To support Myanmar’s ongoing economic development and integration into regional and global economies, CESD has published its Trade and Investment Strategy Consultation Paper, detailing evidence-based policy recommendations across areas including macroeconomic reform, sustainable development and good governance.

Dr Zaw Oo, CESD Executive Director, said the report highlighted the next steps for Myanmar as it transitions to joining the international economic community. “The foundations for a market economy should be put in place. We have to think about short-term and long-term strategies. Long-term foundations and short-term windfalls should be related,” said Dr Zaw Oo.

The Trade and Investment Strategy Consultation Paper (February 2015) introduces recommendations in the following areas:

  1. The need to develop a strong market economy, including the development of robust legal and regulatory frameworks and institutions.
  2. The realization of Myanmar’s ‘catch up’ potential in trade and investment, through the opening and integrating of global markets.
  3. Supporting private sector development, including working to ensure macroeconomic stability, and the development of an enabling regulatory environment.
  4. Increased public investment in the priority areas of health, education and infrastructure; effective policy making, power sharing and transparency.
  5. Trade liberalisation and externally oriented reform to support improved productivity in the agricultural sector and expansion in the employment-creating, labour-intensive manufacturing sector.
  6. Developing and strengthening trade and investment links between Myanmar and the regional and global economies, supported by investment in infrastructure, including transport, telecommunications and electricity.
  7. Realising the opportunities for attracting and benefiting from foreign direct investment, and supporting these opportunities with the development of necessary infrastructure and institutions, as well as a transparent, liberal and principles-based approach to regulations governing investment.
  8. Taking advantage of opportunities and incentives to engage effectively in the region to advance trade, investment and development goals.

The Consultation Paper, prepared in partnership with the Crawford School’s East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (at the Australian National University) was presented to the Myanmar Government and launched in Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon on 13-14 February 2015.

Publication name: Myanmar trade and investment strategy

Supported by: East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER) in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

Contributors to the drafting of the paper included: Dr Zaw Oo, Professor Peter Drysdale, Dr Shiro Armstrong, Mr Robb Preston, Professor Sean TurnellProfessor Miranda Stewart, Professor Peter Warr, Ms Nu Nu Win, Mr Sam Hurley, Ms Jane Cheung and Ms Sam Reinhardt

Publication date: February 2015

Languages: English & Myanmar

Download the full report from the following link:

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