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Evaluation of the operations of the Social Security Board

CESD partnered with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to look at the issues relating to the development of a comprehensive social security system in Myanmar.

The main objective of the research is to develop an understanding of the operations of Myanmar’s Social Security Board and assess the way basic social security functions are conducted.

ILOThe CESD and ILO technical report explores the strengths and weaknesses of the Social Security Board, notably in relation to the implementation of the Social Security Law (2012). The report also identifies threats and opportunities for the evolution of the Social Security Board, and makes recommendations for the improvement of the design and implementation of Myanmar’s social security scheme.

Publication name: Evaluation of the operations of the Social Security Board

Author(s): Lou Tessler and Mi Win Thida

Supported by: The International Labour Organisation (ILO)

Publication date: December 2014

Language(s): English

The report is accessible from the ILO website, and via the link below:

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