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Paper: Catalyzing subnational development in Myanmar

This report, authored by Kyosuke Inada for the Asia Foundation, with support from CESD’s Cindy Joelene, looks at how plannings across different sectors can align with decentralisation processes in Myanmar.

Overall, Mr. Inada finds that decentralization processes and structures need to be carefully designed to strike the right balance between local preferences and national/sector policies for regional development. Towards this, three tasks are key to finding the appropriate formula for balanced development between the national and subnational levels:

  1. developing a mechanism for integrating ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ priorities,
  2. deepening the process of centralizing information in order to continuously adjust strategic plans to match the needs evolving on the ground, and
  3. making the best use of existing institutions at all levels of the government.

Publication name: Catalyzing subnational development in Myanmar: Balancing Local Preferences with National and Sector Policy

Author(s): Kyosuke Inada

Published by: The Asia Foundation

Publication date: August 2014

Language(s): English and Myanmar

Download the report from the Asia Foundation, via the following links:



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