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UK economic links to Myanmar include support for MDRI-CESD

The UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr Hugo Swire, identified the UK government’s support to MDRI-CESD as one of the economic links between Myanmar and the United Kingdom, recorded in Hansard on 12 May 2014. In response to a question in the Parliament, Mr Swire said the UK government were “working to encourage and support Burma [Myanmar] to remove barriers to becoming a stable, prosperous and democratic country with a sustainable economy that benefits all its people. ”

Mr Swire noted that this included the UK government being active in several areas including the establishment of a UK Trade and Investment office and UK Financial Services Task Force in Burma; and funding two specialist economists from the International Growth Centre to support MDRI-CESD’s role in providing high-quality advice to the Myanmar government.

Mr Swire also noted the UK government’s commitment of £1.1 million to support Myanmar’s application to the Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative, which MDRI-CESD is supporting as coordinating body for the Leading Authority of the Myanmar Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (MEITI). The MEITI will improve the transparency and accountability of natural resource revenues across the country.

Access Mr Swire’s comments in the UK Parliament Hansard, www.parliament.uk.

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