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Paper: Subnational governments and business

Creating a business environment that supports and encourages increased foreign direct investment, as well as a vibrant domestic private sector, is a key element in generating strong and sustainable economic growth.


Report: Myanmar’s experiences with the MDGs

What progress has been made within Myanmar towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? And what part can Myanmar play in discussions for a new set of global development goals post-2015?


Assessing industrial zones as an instrument for private sector development

Industrial zones can be a powerful instrument for promoting private sector development, improving the competitiveness of targeted businesses, creating employment opportunities and promoting technological advances.


Technical advice for the establishment of a minimum wage

CESD and Myanmar Marketing and Research Development (MMRD) worked with the International Labour Organization to conduct a survey as input to the establishment of a minimum wage. Researchers collected data on existing salaries and wages, and workers’ daily expenses.