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Paper: Determinants of choice of health facilities

MDRI-CESD supported research and analysis of the use of the social security scheme, the sole health insurance scheme in Myanmar.

Publication abstract: This study aims to identify the determinants of choice of health facilities among insured and uninsured workers in the private sector in Yangon, Myanmar and the barriers for insured workers to access health care service from social security health facilities. This study has analyzed the cross-sectional primary data from a survey on 518 workers in Hlaing Tharyar Township. The information on sociodemographic characteristics, accessibility to health services, and need factors for health care utilization were collected during February and March 2013. The multinomial and binomial logistic regression models were applied to analyze the data.

Publication name: Determinants of choice of health facilities among workers in the private sector in Yangon, Myanmar

Author(s):  Mi Win Thida

Publication date: November 2013

Language(s): English

Download the report from the following link(s):

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