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Background paper: Rice productivity improvement

Rice productivity in Myanmar has stagnated in comparison with other rice producers in the region. Once the world’s largest rice exporter, Myanmar is now a relatively minor player. However, the nation’s export potential remains high because of abundant land and water resources, progressive policy reforms, increased agricultural investment, and international engagement. Growing global demand for rice, increasing public and private investment in infrastructure, and the potential for significant yield increases, all point to a strong return on investments to improve rice productivity in the country.

rice01This paper looks at nine “areas of intervention”, where new practices and supportive policies would likely raise productivity and improve competitiveness. It also looks at a short-term and a long-term strategy for increasing productivity.

This background paper is part of the overall diagnostic review of agriculture and food security in Myanmar, undertaken by Michigan State University and MDRI-CESD.

Publication name: Background Paper No. 2: Rice productivity improvement in Myanmar

Author(s): Glenn Denning, Kye Baroang, Tun Min Sandar, and other MDRI and MSU colleagues

Supported by: USAID

Publication date: July 2013

Language(s): English

Download the report from the following link(s):

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