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Background paper: Rice value chain

This background paper involves an assessment of the Myanmar rice value chain. Special focus is paid to the structure and performance of the rice industry in Myanmar, industry dynamics, and future prospects. Also included is an examination of weaknesses and constraints within the industry, and the prospect of improving the value of the rice industry.

The report integrates the findings from intensive literature review and desk research coupled with observations and interviews conducted during field visits in October and November 2012 and discussions with key players in the public and private sectors.

This Background Paper is an integral part of the MDRI-CESD and Michigan State University “Strategic agriculture sector and food security diagnostic for Myanmar” (July 2013).

Publication name: Background paper no.6: Rapid value chain assessment: structure and dynamics of the rice value chain in Myanmar

Author(s): Larry C.Y. Wong and Eh Mywe Aye Wai

Supported by: USAID

Publication date: March 2013

Language(s): English

Download the report from the following link(s):

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