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Our Approach

CESD draws on both domestic and international expertise to produce original, high-quality research and programming.

Our People

CESD takes pride in selecting, nurturing and developing the best talent, both national and international. CESD pays special attention to select candidates from a wide variety of background and education/technical expertise. The teams are broadly divided into the Research Team and the Management/Support Team.

Our Focus

Research at CESD are primarily focused around labour market reform, food security and value chain development.

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Publication of the Doing Research in Myanmar -Country Report

Started in April of 2019 the Doing Research Assessment report has been approved for wide distribution this week. By examining the historical, sociopolitical, economic and international context of doing research as well as a gathering new data within the DRA framework the report brings to light important findings on the state of the social science research environment in Myanmar.

National Aquaculture Development Plan launch event

Fish, seafood and products derived from fish are a staple of daily diet in Myanmar. From Mohinga to the ubiquitous fish paste present in countless dishes. The wellbeing of Myanmar and her people are intrinsically linked to the that of the seas and ocean along the country’s coastlines.

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